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Bees 2022 - Sample Set

Bees 2022 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our 7 new Bees 2022 scents:

~ Bee Kind to Yourself ~
A tender potion for self-care, soothing, and gentle replenishment.
White copal, blooming peony, honeyed tea, pink amber, and sheer summer-weight cashmere.
Anoint your pulse points to ease tension and cultivate calm.
Creative credit and gratitude to the lovely K.M.V. who proposed this scent concept via Reddit’s Indie Makeup & More forum.

~ Witches' Apiary ~
A mysterious amalgam for potent spellcraft.
Peru balsam, almond shells, mahogany, olive wood, and dark, viscous honey conjured from the blossoms of blackberry brambles.
Wear during ritual to amplify your power and aid the fulfillment of wishes.

~ Dancing Bee ~
An ingenious infusion for foresight, guidance, and support in navigating your unique path.
Peach trees barely budding, dewy white violet, honeysuckle, angelica and orris roots, frankincense, allspice, and spring harvest honey.
Wear to banish brain fog, sharpen perception, and regain your sense of direction.

~ Ancient Apiary ~
Sleeping Beauty must have had hives of royal bees. And as the palace slumbered o’er a century, they must have floated among the thorns, unceasing in their art, undisturbed by the usual clamor of the court. This is the scent of that tiny Queendom that lived in perfect peace for 100 years.
Deadfall draped in oakmoss, wild pink roses, honeycomb bursting from frail brood boxes and pouring gold from every cell.
Wear this scent to align with the wild and unyielding spirit of Nature.

~ Hive in the Wild ~
The scent of the Appalachian woods in late April.
Budding maple trees beside a swift stream, snowdrops nodding over vernal pools, and dewy dogwoods offer a trove of nectar to fill a fledgeling hive.
Wear this verdant blend for a fresh start, to work your own alchemy and begin anew.

~ None of Your Beeswax ~
A stalwart potion for protection.
Thorny brambles of blackberry, elderflower, violet, fennel seed, sacred benzoin, and unfiltered honey.
Use in spells of warding, and wear to shield yourself from misfortune.

~ Like Bees to Honey ~
An elegant attraction blend that yields abundant blessings.
Four fabulous vanillas swirled with Tupelo honey, mangosteen, saffron, pink grapefruit, Egyptian musk, ivory amber, cardamom, Grains of Paradise, and Queen Elizabeth root.
Wear to enhance your allure and inspire affection.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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