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Bees 2023 - Discovery Set

Bees 2023 - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our eight new Bees 2023 scents:

~ It's Hive Code ~
Ode to a friendship forged in complementary strangeness, where two souls' peculiarities give rise to a mighty alliance.
Spring harvest honey, a faithful accord of rare Ghost Orchid, neroli and bergamot hand lotion, and a dark base of melted fudge.
Wear to let your freak flag fly, and to find the others whose oddities dance well with yours.

~ Mme. Marie’s Bees ~
A sophisticated filtre to honor the great Marie Laveau, New Orleans’ exalted Voodoo Queen.
The deep harmony of communion wine with cathedral incense, Haitian amyris, Cattleyas orchid, coconut husk, café au lait, Brennan’s baked apple with honey-simmered raisins, and authentic beeswax from a colony rescued from Mme. Marie’s tomb.
Wear in reverence and respect for Her Majesty, Madame Laveau. Anoint candles to request her assistance in rites of magic and divination.

~ The Bees' Carnival ~
Like Ferris wheel lights against a twilight sky, it’s a playful arrangement of vivid notes to tickle your fancy.
Cotton candy spun from crystallized honey, fresh leaves of lemon verbena, blue raspberry drizzle, and a grounding smolder of sweet myrrh.
Wear to encourage frivolity, relieve tension, and restore your sense of humor.

~ Buzzworthy ~
This assertive scent is a public relations powerhouse. It presents you in your best light and gets your word out to the masses.
Blood orange, torch ginger, copper musk, tawny suede, hibiscus, honeybush tea, resinous red cedar, and warm patchouli.
Wear to attract positive attention and elevate your image.

~ Honey, I'm Home ~
A warm welcome for springtime's return.
Snowdrops and fresh nectar from their first petals unfurled, golden sunlight, yellow crocus, and warmed honeycomb.
Wear to restore vitality, thaw your blood, and shake winter’s chill from your bones.

~ Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy ~
Headcannon: what if Sand People kept bees?
Portrait of an extraterrestrial desert and its elusive denizens: dry white sandalwood, Tunisian tea, cracked coriander, cassia bark, amber resin, raw cotton, and combs full of precious honey that few will ever taste.
Wear to expand your horizons and explore beyond the probable.

~ The Beekeeper’s Funeral ~
Legend has it that a devoted aparist was so beloved by his hives that upon his death, a host of bees came to pay their respects. Onlookers spoke of their peaceful presence at the funeral, keeping still throughout the service, then quietly departing in the direction of his farm.
This comforting blend opens with gentle Bulgarian lavender and petrichor, then blooms with Casablanca lily, honeysuckle, and wet grass, and settles at last into a pillow of fluffy whipped honey.
Wear for solace and support in times of grief.

~ Bee You Tiful ~
A simply elegant potion to let your finest facets shine.
Honey-roasted pistachio and chestnut, pink magnolia, and sweet apple blossom.
Wear this enchanted perfume to dissolve insecurity and reveal your full splendor.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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