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Black Moon

Black Moon

  • 1995

This proliferant perfume is teeming with generative force and fierce fecundity. It nourishes and the seeds of intention, filling them with raw vitality. It's a master of manifestation, propelling invocations toward fulfillment ... so be careful what you wish for.
Dark incense coils about an ebony altar abounding in spiced fig preserves, saffron-poached plums, green mandarin, and honey on the comb.
Black Moon is handcrafted and charged under the rare auspices of the second consecutive New Moon in a single sign. Like the Blue Moon, this event holds uniquely amplified power to bless new beginnings and access hidden reserves of magical potency.

Available in 5 ml bottle or 1 ml sample vial.

2024 update - Black Moon has been reformulated and bottles/samples purchased after 1/19/24 will be of the new formula.  No label changes are being made at this time, but we wanted to give you all the heads up on the change.

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