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Black Widow

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One of a kind

Poised upon the silken stair, her every gesture choreographed, her subtle powers seething in the silence. The perfect predator weaves a flawless strategy, a moonlit tapestry to rival the luminous art of The Fates.

Hematite clears the energies of the physical body and draws out impurities. It allays fatigue and maintains a steady current of strength. Red coral is sacred to Mars in the Vedic tradition. It invokes courage and initiative while guarding against frustration. An iridescent disc of steel-grey seashell captures the potency of the moon and brings its primal force into the service of its bearer.

Black Widow is hand crafted and charged as the Cancer moon trines Mars in Scorpio, drawing out our primal wisdom and hidden power.

Wear this talisman to channel your potent emotional energy into a productive direction. It protects against discouragement and malaise, restores vitality, and sharpens focus.

Sterling silver necklace adjustable from 17" to 18"

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