Concordia Incense – Nui Cobalt Designs
Concordia Incense - Nui Cobalt Designs

Concordia Incense

  • 1700

Series of 10

This incense evokes effortless grace and perfect harmony.  A sparkling atmosphere of good cheer pervades the space in which it is smoldered, fostering friendship, laughter and peace.

Honeyed wine sweetens the disposition, inspiring mirth.  Delicate petals of pink and red roses attract positive attention and nurture affinity.  Subtle garden mint and delphic lavender imbue conversation with wit and vivacity.  A single leaf of myrtle carries blessings of mutual respect and understanding.

Concordia Incense is blended and charged upon the ingress of Venus into Libra, a time of diplomacy, tact, consideration and reconciliation.

This incense is of immeasurable support in preparation for social gatherings as well as important negotiations. It amplifies personal charisma and elevates the seductive power of a competent conversationalist.