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Series of 3

This amulet emits an air of self-assured authority, perfect calm and unshakable resolve in the face of any challenge.  It guides you, undaunted, through whatever trials and tribulations you may encounter.

Borage, with it's royal blue flowers, offers peaceful protection and a pervasive sense that all is well.  It cultivates natural confidence and fortitude.  Clove is a time-honored spice for purification and repelling negativity.  It garners respect from the people around you and halts any attempt at gossip.  Black pepper shields you from malicious intent and discordant energy.  It discourages unkind and envious people from interacting with you at all.  Lemon basil is a powerful herb that is sacred to Mars.  It resonates with the valor and strength of the Celestial Warrior.

Courage is handcrafted and charged as Mars enters his domicile of Scorpio.  In the lair of the Scorpion, his blessings are thrice empowered and fear is transmuted instantly into bravery.

Wear this talisman in any situation that calls for an assertive approach.  It guards against intimidation and is particularly helpful when dealing with bullies or those in positions of power.

Please note: Each piece is handmade and no two are identical.

Bronze toned craft metal pendant and 18" chain.

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