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Critters '21 - Sample Set

Critters '21 - Sample Set

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A sample set of all seven Critters scents that were new in 2021:

  • ~ Quokka ~
    A cheerful blend for comfort and interpersonal connection. Fig tree, twice-toasted gingerbread, tan suede, and manuka honey. Wear to dissolve social anxiety, attract friendly people, and find common ground.
  • ~ Anglerfish ~
    An eerie metallic scent for deep insight. Blue lotus, sea glass, ambergris accord, frigid salt water, nagarmotha, lime zest, and green cardamom pods. Wear to pierce the darkness and see the whole truth … if you dare.
  • ~ Axolotl ~
    A refreshing blend of pink peppercorn, unripe mandarin, ginger root, wild mint, cypress, celery, pimento, and sweet mountain cedarwood. Wear to bring your scattered thoughts back to Center, find balance, and restore equilibrium.
  • ~ Black Mamba ~
    A collaborative blend inspired by the illustrious Adele Tantalo of Ophidian Grove. Ethiopian frankincense, acacia wood, golden savannah grasses, jackal berry, coriander, and agarwood. Wear this warm scent to remember your power, conjure your courage, and stand up to those who would make the fatal mistake of mistreating you.
  • ~ Blossom Bat ~
    A buoyant scent for foresight and strategic thinking. Humid rainforest blossoms laden with nectar, dense moss, passionfruit, black fig, and bamboo. Wear to dodge predicaments and navigate complexities with effortless grace.
  • ~ Fennec Fox ~
    This sparkling scent conjures warm winds and sunlit dunes. Blush sandalwood, amber resin, antique Egyptian cotton touched with saffron, spiced peach preserves, and sweet cedar resin. Wear to prioritize joy and ignite your sense of play.
  • ~ Orchid Mantis ~
    This seductive scent is a true master of disguise. Ripe Philippine mango, dragon fruit, tamarind, Indonesian teak, clove bud, sandalwood, tuberose, and a touch of ylang. Wear to reveal your many facets of sweetness and ferocity.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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