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Crushes - 2023 Discovery Set

Crushes - 2023 Discovery Set

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A sample set of our four Crushes scents from Valentines 2023:

~ Tall Dark Stranger ~
An intriguing aroma for chance encounters.
Clean suede, earthy bronze whiskey, superior green sandalwood, dry fig, syrupy cedar resin, top-shelf patchouli, and a wisp of smoke from a fine Meerschaum pipe.
Wear to enthrall would-be suitors and nurture budding romance.

~ Instant Chemistry ~
A shamelessly sexy philtre to attract romantic prospects.
Almond pignolis still warm from the oven, a steamy cup of mulled Merlot, dark hazelnut mocha, and the subtlest hint of black patchouli.
Wear for night on the town, or to stay home and luxuriate in your own fierce fabulosity.
* Please note: this scent contains cinnamon and should not be worn on skin by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ That Spark ~
The juxtaposition of dynamic opposites.
A champagne cocktail with ginger syrup, a swirl of grenadine, and a twist of grapefruit against a sultry backdrop of red satin musk and dark amber resin.
Wear to ignite a romantic connection or rekindle an old flame.
This scent will also be available as an enchanted soy candle.

~ Swoon ~
A passionate potion of juicy mulberry, acai, and red plum gently spiced with cardamom, heady egyptian amber, wood musk, ambrette seed, and black silk.
Wear to enhance your natural allure and draw attention to your finest facets.


Set of 1 ml sample vials

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