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Cryptids - 2024 Discovery Set

Cryptids - 2024 Discovery Set

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A discovery sample set of our 7 new Cryptid scents for 2024:

~ Chupacabra ~
This monstrous canid of Latin American lore is said to drain the blood of livestock, especially goats.
A vampiric blend to align primal instinct with intellect.
Labdanum, black amber, sweet sangria, acai berry, and lurid hibiscus blooms.
Wear to facilitate clear, collaborative communication between gut feelings and rational thought.

~ Mothman ~
A portent of doom, this winge’d humanoid haunts West Virginia with its piercing screech and glowing eyes.
An eerie, nocturnal accord for foresight and divination through dreams.
Virginia bluebells, Eastern redbud, crabapple blossom, moonflower, and silver lichen.
Anoint pendulums, tarot cards, runes, or your pillow for clarity of precognition.

~ Loveland Frogman ~
A diminutive roadside conjuror, part human and part amphibian.
His scent is an olfactory portrait of Ohio wetlands in early spring.
Dark green patchouli, waterlogged cedar, cattails, and damp moss lifted by a trace of unripe grapefruit.
Wear to support inner calm and comfort in stillness. It is particularly conducive to meditation.

~ Loch Ness Monster ~
The legendary serpent of Scotland whom many have sought but few have ever seen.
This atmospheric aroma reflects her home amid the misty moors of Inverness.
Sweet gorse, pale heather, rain-touched sorrel, alderwood, peat moss, and a subtle hint of juniper berry.
Wear for staunch protection against mishap and malefaction.

~ Snallygaster ~
The swooping terror of Maryland is said to have a metal beak filled with razor teeth, but the true horror of this “quick ghost” is how its legend was weaponized to frighten black people in the post Civil War South.
This potion is designed to turn the tables on would-be oppressors, persecutors, and bullies.
Bergamot, pink peony, neroli, cherrywood bark, green musk, and creamy gardenia.
Wear to bring allies close, to repel negativity, and banish ill-will.

~ Rougarou ~
The Cajun legend of this fierce lycanthrope echoes from the Acadian forest to New Orleans.
Guaiac wood, sweetbay magnolia, swamp azalea, the flower and root of Louisiana Iris, black moon musk, and cathedral myrrh.
Wear for personal strength, discipline, and support in keeping your promises to yourself.

~ Jackalope ~
This elusive denizen of the Western high plains is said to have the body of a rabbit with the horns of an antelope. Some say it sings with a human voice, and mates only during thunderstorms.
A whimsical twist on Nui’s celebrated Rabbit scents.
Nutmeg and tonka bean harmonize with campfire-roasted marshmallow, soft tan suede, sagebrush, pinon resin, desert musk, and a flickering shadow of carrot seed.
Wear to sharpen wit and wisdom.


"When you know better, you must do better. Gratitude to the good Redditors who made us aware of some very real and concerning issues surrounding the folklore of the Wendigo. We're pulling the scent, and it will not be sold with tomorrow's release. Thank you for bringing it to our attention."

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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