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Cut-and-Clear Bath Spell

  • 2000

This refreshing bath potion is as homespun as it gets. Traditional herbs and botanicals are gathered from our very own Cobalt Gardens for a gentle yet effective spin on the time-honored conjure recipe.

The inimitable scent of fresh mint is at once bracing and soothing. It clears the mind and purifies the spirit. The cheerful yellow zest of meyer lemon is sweeter than that of its conventional siblings. Its power to remove unwanted energies and entanglements is formidable, yet also quite peaceable. Sage is unparallelled in its ability to neutralize general malaise and restore balance. Lemon basil is fiercely protective, wards off negativity and encourages only the most amicable relations.

The Cut-and-Clear Bath Spell is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of Mars in Virgo sextile to Saturn in Scorpio concurrent to Mercury’s direct station. These planetary energies support healthy boundaries and the omission of any factors that interfere with holistic well-being.

This bath potion is to be used only when one is truly ready to let go of a relationship, agreement or obligation. It has been most effective in dissolving the ties that bind and dispelling thoughts of disagreeable people. It complements any cord-cutting or banishing ritual to ensure the user is free of all residual attachments.

Ingredients: Natural sea salt, epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate, home grown sage, home grown meyer lemon zest, home grown mint, home grown lemon basil, violets, bay leaves, essential oils of lemon and peppermint.

4 oz.