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Dances - 2023 Discovery Set

Dances - 2023 Discovery Set

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A discovery sample set of our 4 new Dances scents for 2023:

~ Ecstatic Dance ~
A florid elixir for sheer joy and liberated self-expression.
Ceremonial cacao, rose-gold musk, raw honeycomb, pink grapefruit, glowing amber, and a trace of palo santo.
Wear for unfettered access to your creative spark and spirit of play.

~ Disco ~
The scent of New York backroom sex and illicit substances.
Champagne, juicy purple plum, black styrax, creamy non-indolic jasmine, ylang ylang, and a twist of mandarin.
Wear to shake off inhibitions and revel in carnal pleasures.

~ East Coast Swing ~
A joyful melange of sweet flowers and spice.
Lush, genderless rose, pink peppercorn, bronze musk, copaiba balsam, antique oakwood, and a twist of yuzu.
Wear to warm your heart and lift your spirits.

~ Striptease ~
A well-choreographed seduction of warm vanilla chai, dark patchouli, Australian sandalwood, skin musk, blonde tobacco, and a scant trace of vintage geranium.
Wear to reveal every sparkling facet of your whole, radiant Self.
* Please note, this perfume contains cinnamon and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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