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One of a kind

An homage to my dearest friend, cackling co-conspirator and stalwart sister.  She sees me through my descents into darkness, and reignites the fire that moves me toward ever greater happiness.  Her wisdom, compassion and humor have enriched the best decade of my life so far.  I am honored to know and to love her.

Amethyst engages the wisdom of the Higher Self.  This vivid violet stone sends healing energy directly where it is needed, instilling a sense of lasting peace.  It supports clarity, balance and the perfect alignment of one’s energies.  Attuned to Spirit as well as to the physical plane, it facilitates rapid manifestation of one’s wishes.  Peridot clears away any emotional fatigue or cynicism that may inhibit the flow of creative energy between the heart and solar plexus chakras.  It supports a joyful and open demeanor, fostering warmth, receptivity and gratitude.

Elizabeth is handcrafted and charged upon the ingress of Mercury into Capricorn.  Here, the Winge'd Messenger grants us boldness, sustained focus and mental discipline.  We're led faithfully by our vision, immune to distraction and fully committed to success.

Wear this talisman for unshakable strength and perseverance.  It dissolves discouragement and repels the effect of negative chatter from envious people.  It also reveals the most honorable, direct and expedient path to victory in all endeavors.

16" Gold-filled necklace

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