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Energy Shield

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This talisman is named for the invisible barrier that surrounds our hero in safety, repelling any threat.  No malicious missive can penetrate this force field and no villain can do any harm in its presence.  A perfect sphere of light ensures complete and total protection.

Black tourmaline is renowned across many cultures for its power to safeguard both its bearer and the surrounding environment.  It dispels negativity from others as well as from within one's self.  Freeform slices of this time-honored sentinel are flanked by clear quartz spheres to focus and amplify their effect.  Smokey quartz absorbs stale, stagnant energy and transmutes it into vitality.  It brings darkness and light into synergy, harmonizing opposite forces and imparting resilience.  Hematite clears the energies of the physical body and draws out impurities.  It allays fatigue and maintains a steady current of strength.

Energy Shield is handcrafted and charged under the waxing moon's conjunction to Jupiter in Cancer.  Their union conjures a loving and benevolent vibration akin to that of a spirit guardian.

This talisman supports health, stamina and peace of mind even in toxic situations.  It is particularly helpful in dealing with difficult people, preventing them from draining one's energy.

7" Sterling Silver Chain

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