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Epiphets of Athena - Sample Set

Epiphets of Athena - Sample Set

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A sample set of our three new 2021 Athena scents:

  • ~ Athena Drakaina ~
    The She-Dragon. An ebon altar swathed sacred smoke, dragon’s blood resin, spiced pomegranate, black leather accord, bay laurel leaves, hibiscus flower, nocturnal musk, and agarwood. Wear to invoke Her sacred ferocity and mete out swift justice.

  • ~ Athena Ergane ~
    Teacher of All Arts. A seaside temple amid the orange trees, precious sandalwood, white amber resin, a distant breeze of cypress, black tea, and oud. Wear to petition the Goddess for creative inspiration, diligent focus, and sharpened skill.

  • ~ Athena Glaukopis ~
    Owl-Eyed. An olive grove at twilight, black walnut, driftwood, green fig, and moringa. Wear to honor the Goddess of Wisdom and to heighten your own powers of strategy.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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