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One of a kind

"There's a quiet storm that is you." ~ Sade

Blue chalcedony is soothing and supportive of the throat chakra, allowing truth to come easily into consciousness as well as into speech. It increases the flow of intuition to align with logic. Citrine shines with confidence and clarity, uplifting the spirit and aligning fact with perspective. Labradorite, with its brilliant flashes of color, supports the intuitive and creative functions. It is a stone of true genius, amplifying insight and ingenuity.

Etienne's necklace is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the Full Moon in Aquarius. Here, Luna's light is channeled and focused into a powerful beam that pierces the obstructions of timidity and self-doubt. It ignites the revolutionary spirit and reinforces integrity.

Wear this talisman to shatter any barriers to your speaking your whole, complete, and courageous truth. It is a particularly formidable ally in times of confrontation, and keeps your thoughts calm and clear while you fight the good fight.

18.5" Sterling silver necklace

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