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Gamers 2022 - Sample Set

Gamers 2022 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our seven new Geeks & Gamers 2022 scents:

~ The Quest ~
Our protagonist strikes out into the unknown, to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Labdanum, rock moss, downy leaves of Lamb’s Ear, frost-touched grass, pine sap, a slender wisp of frankincense smoke, and late-autumn fog.
Wear for courage, vision, and keen foresight. It offers support and encouragement on the road ahead.

~ Villain Origin Story ~
Jaded by the world’s ills, a heart is ignited not by hope, but by fury.
Sinister patchouli, spiced mulberry wine, smoldering musk, deep mahogany, and a sliver of peach skin. Wear to connect with your Sacred Shadow and transmute anger into strength.

~ The Oracle ~
Wisdom woven into riddles, the hidden keys to victory are given only to those with the grace and humility to acknowledge they have much to learn.
A luminous mist of pear blossom, honeysuckle, osmanthus, elderflower, steamed rice, coconut water, and jasmine green tea amid sandalwood trees.
Wear to expand perception past the confines of preconceived notions, and attain greater, more integrated understanding.

~ Flawless Victory ~
A shining achievement, a triumph over fear, our Hero defeats the nefarious foe.
Both grounding and bright, it's the scent of precious resins and gleaming golden woods, ripe fig, basil leaves and olive boughs, labdanum, cashmere, and North African musk.
Wear for good fortune, supportive synchronicity, and to invoke unseen forces who conspire toward your success.

~ Ye Olde Village Tavern ~
Safe, warm, and cozy.
Pipe tobacco, oak barrel aged whiskey, smoldering cedarwood, black walnut, freshly turned hay, and brown saddle leather.
Wear to inspire comfort, ease, satiety, and peace.

~ Befriending the Dragon ~
A mighty ally to protect and defend you through the most perilous parts of your journey.
Glowing embers of copal, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood resin, coriander, toasted oats, roasted hazelnuts, ginger root, copaiba balsam, bronzed suede, and a glimmer of ripe blood orange.
Wear to cast an invisible shield around you, and to lend you extra strength whenever you need it.

~ Boss Fight ~
The crescendo of our story, formidable adversaries square off for the final, decisive battle.
White peppercorn, worn leather, oakmoss, bayberry bark, ginger root, mace, red musk, clove bud, gunpowder, and steel.
Wear to conjure indomitable might and courage to power through your greatest challenges.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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