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Guardian Ghosts

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"A fearless little ghost it is;
Safe the night seems as the day;
The moon is but a gentle face,
And the sighing winds are gay.
The solitude is full of friends,
And the hour brings no regrets;
For, in this happy little soul,
Shines a sun that never sets."
       from Our Little Ghost by Louisa May Alcott

The pearl is an allegory of loving kindness. The oyster detects an irritant: a tiny, jagged shard that wanders in and creates disruption. But, the response is not expulsion or inflammation; it is an embrace. This invasive speck is wrapped again and again in luminous softness. Layer after layer converges until there is nothing that hurts. There is only beauty. A jewel emerges from the simple fact of being received, kept safe and accepted.

Guardian Ghosts are handcrafted and charged as Venus enters Virgo, bringing the energy of loving kindness into manifested form. In the sign of The Virgin, the Celestial Lady bestows her grace by practical and nurturing means.

Wear these talismans to envelop yourself in tenderness and unconditional love. They soothe the mind, restore the spirit and lift even the heaviest heart.

Gold-filled french wire earrings

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