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Only when a revelation converges with the mind in a moment of receptivity, of peculiar openness to the utterly unfamiliar, can the scales fall at last from the eyes, and the truth find itself welcome within the soul.

Citrine shines with confidence, lifting the spirit and restoring vitality. It empowers the solar plexus chakra to nurture self-esteem and allow authentic expression. It is one of the few healing stones that retains no negativity, and never needs to be cleared. Peridot heals the heart chakra, bringing balance to the emotions. It banishes fatigue, self-doubt, and cynicism to allow for the free flow of joy. Scintillating sunstone lifts the spirits and supports emotional well-being. It clears the aura of any residual negativity from past events, as well as from other people. Yellow sapphire nurtures the indomitable spirit. It elevates the mood and restores faith. Carnelian is physically and emotionally restorative. It ignites motivation, assists with overcoming anxiety, and encourages trust in one's instincts.

Harbinger is handcrafted and charged as the sun enters Gemini, bringing vitality to the senses and keenness to the mind. Sol's journey through the sign of Twins is a time of heightened intellectual power and great learning.

Wear this talisman to banish pessimism, dissolve delusion, and restore perspective. It supports a positive outlook and clear, accurate perceptions. It is particularly helpful in cutting through confusion, deception, or manipulation.

sterling silver necklace, adjustable from 17.5 inches to 18.5 inches

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