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Series of 3

Ice, sparkling in the morning sun, covers each slender limb of the naked trees.  Brilliant clarity succeeds Autumn's detritus and the world is transformed in frozen light.

Aquamarine emits the energy of pure, unconditional love.  It improves communication in all respects, inspiring both honesty and eloquence, ensuring that each participant is heard, acknowledged and respected.  It infuses the very air with kindness.

Icicles are handcrafted and charged as the Aries moon trines Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo.  This benevolent Grand Trine is a rare and powerful source of joyful benevolence.

Wear these talismans to connect and forge healthy emotional bonds.  They facilitate openness and receptivity in all interactions, personal or professional.  They are most supportive in illuminating the very finest qualities of one's character.

Sterling Silver french wire earrings.

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