Immaculate Pearl Incense – Nui Cobalt Designs
Immaculate Pearl Incense - Nui Cobalt Designs

Immaculate Pearl Incense

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Series of 9
This incense evokes the tranquil energy of moonlit waves washing along the shore in perfect, ceaseless rhythm.
White copal, white rose and white sage converge to clear and purify the space. They work in synergy to dispel anxiety and cultivate lasting peace. Lavender offers gentle, soothing comfort to the mind and emotions. Orris attracts loving kindness and compassion while offering gentle protection.

Immaculate Pearl Incense is blended and charged under the auspices of the Full Moon in Virgo. Here, Luna's healing and nurturing influence is expressed through order, consistency and the soul's desire to be of service to others. 

This incense has been used to restore equanimity, to cultivate serenity, and to foster an environment of deeply-rooted calm.