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Inspirited Inks - Fire

Inspirited Inks - Fire

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O powerful Fire, grant the prayers of those who invoke you, and bless this small vial prepared in your honor, through all its works.
Created to honor the Spirit of Fire and inspired by the colors of Gryffindor, this ink was ritually crafted during the Grand Fire Trine on April 14, 2019. It is intended for the drawing and writing of spells, arts, and sigils. Biased towards action and urgency, intention and force; use this ink to fuel new works, move existing ones forward, and burn away obstacles.

Handcrafted by an independent magical practitioner and dear friend of Nui.

Ingredients: Australian Grass Tree (Xanthorrhoea sp.), Medieval Dragon’s Blood (Dracaena cinnabari), 23.5k Gold Flake, Powdered Ruby, Grain Alcohol, Shellac

15 ml bottle


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