Invisibility – Nui Cobalt Designs


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Series of 2

This talisman is named for the power of occlusion.  Our hero lingers in stealth, undetectable to prying eyes and free to move about entirely unobserved.  One cannot stop what one cannot see!

Botswana agate aids in the alignment of thoughts and feelings. It cools, soothes and calms the emotions while simultaneously sharpening perception. It also allows for lucid comprehension of multiple layers of complex experience, opening the conscious mind to its own enlightened wisdom.  Smokey quartz absorbs stale, stagnant energy and transmutes it into vitality.  It brings darkness and light into perfect synergy, harmonizing opposite forces and imparting resilience.

Invisibility is handcrafted and charged as the moon conjoins retrograde Saturn in Scorpio.  This potent transit avails itself to workings of mystery and shadow.

These talismanic adornments may be worn to ensure that secrets remain undetected.  When it is necessary to “fly under the radar,” they cast an energetic veil and shield their bearer from unwanted attention.

Sterling Silver French Wire