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One of a kind

"We can learn the art of fierce compassion - redefining strength, deconstructing isolation and renewing a sense of community, practicing letting go of rigid us-vs.-them thinking - while cultivating power and clarity in response to difficult situations." ~ Sharon Salzberg

Rich, red garnet is renowned as a stone of manifestation. It reinforces conviction and moves material reality into alignment with one’s desire. At once grounding and stimulating, it empowers the root chakra and raises kundalini energy. It enlivens primal force and offers staunch support against malaise. Amethyst engages the wisdom of the Higher Self. It sends healing energy directly where it is needed, instilling a deep sense of peace. It supports clarity, balance and the perfect alignment of one’s energies. Attuned to Spirit as well as to the physical plane, it facilitates rapid fulfillment of one’s wishes.

Leilani's necklace is handcrafted and charged as Jupiter enters Virgo. Here, the Olympian king amplifies more practical, process-oriented themes. To cultivate wisdom, he inspires contemplation of the virtues of diligence, unity, and tenacity.

Wear this talisman to attract wise and compassionate people of generous spirit. It confers endurance when needed and reminds you to take as excellent care of yourself as you do of others.

17.5" - 18.5" adjustable Sterling silver necklace

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