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"Oft to his frozen lair
Tracked I the grisly bear,
While from my path the hare
Fled like a shadow;

Oft through the forest dark
Followed the were-wolf's bark,
Until the soaring lark
Sang from the meadow."
        from The Skeleton In Armour by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Amazonite is cooling, soothing and imparts a sense of tranquility. It supports connection between the heart and throat chakras, allowing for clear and calm expression of authentic emotions. Red coral is sacred to Mars in the Vedic tradition. It invokes strength, courage, and initiative while guarding against aggression.

Lycathrope is handcrafted and charged as the exalted Taurean moon trines Mars in Virgo. Their celestial connection allows for the grounding and stabilizing of the primal forces, channeling them toward the fulfillment of one's desires.

Wear this talisman to balance passion with pragmatism, willfulness with wisdom. It provides excellent support in balancing one's energies and maintaining a steady flow of vitality. It has a particular penchant for focusing intense emotions into constructive actions.

Sterling silver bracelet, adjustable from 7.5" to 8.5"

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