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Marie Laveau

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Series of 2

The cypress swamp around me wraps its spell,
With hushing sounds in moss-hung branches there,
Like congregations rustling down to prayer,
While Solitude, like some unsounded bell,
Hangs full of secrets that it cannot tell,
And leafy litanies on the humid air
Intone themselves, and on the tree-trunks bare
The scarlet lichen writes her rubrics well.
The cypress-knees take on them marvelous shapes
Of pygmy nuns, gnomes, goblins, witches, fays,
The vigorous vine the withered gum-tree drapes,
Across the oozy ground the rabbit plays,
The moccasin to jungle depths escapes,
And through the gloom the wild deer shyly gaze.
          Down the Bayou by Mary Ashley Townsend

Amethyst engages the wisdom of the Higher Self. This vivid violet stone sends healing energy directly where it is needed, instilling a sense of lasting peace. It supports clarity, balance and the perfect alignment of one’s energies. Attuned to Spirit as well as to the physical plane, it facilitates rapid manifestation of one’s wishes. Peridot clears away any emotional fatigue or cynicism that may inhibit the flow of creative energy between the heart and solar plexus chakras. It supports a joyful and open demeanor, fostering warmth, receptivity and gratitude.

Marie Laveau is handcrafted and charged as Mercury stations direct in Libra. The patron planet of magicians ignites the sign of The Scales, that all agreements, be they magical or mundane, are empowered to shape reality.

Wear this talisman to enhance the effect of spellwork, divination, conjure, and healing. It serves to amplify your natural gifts and focus their energy for optimal results.

sterling silver necklace, adjustable from 18.25" to 19.25"

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