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Moon River

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One of a kind

The song of a fresh-faced ingenue, fiercely independent, in love with life and beholden to none.  Buoyed by lighthearted humor, she carves out her very own niche in the world like water through stone.

Citrine sparkles with confidence and clarity.  It uplifts and ignites the solar plexus chakra to accesses the whole of one’s truth.  Peridot clears away any resentment or sadness that may inhibit joy.  It supports warmth and receptivity. Blue topaz is renowned as a powerful “curse breaker,” banishing negativity and shielding the bearer from enchantment or deceit. Opal is among the most powerful stones to facilitate magickal practice.  It’s dynamic nature is revealed in the flashes of radiant color that appear with the changes of light.

Moon River is handcrafted and charged under the Virgo moon's square to Mercury in Gemini.  This dynamic transit shakes stale, worn out mind patterns loose, allowing for fresh perspective.

This talisman supports ingenuity and innovation, helping to find new solutions to old problems.  Even the most stuck and stubborn cynicism is washed away, replaced by clarity and hope.

17.5" Sterling Silver lariat style chain

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