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The myriad shining facets of the well-cultivated mind: elevated intelligence, expanded perspective, creativity, and razor-sharp wit. It demonstrates every aspect of wisdom, from deep intuition to keen perception.

Labradorite, with its brilliant flashes of color, supports the intellectual and creative functions. It is a stone of true genius, amplifying insight and innovation. Clear quartz serves to unite, focus, and amplify the effect of all surrounding stones. Prehnite evokes feelings of tranquility and peace, opening to instinct, reminding you to trust your feelings.

Otherworld is handcrafted from stones charged under the sun's conjunction with Mercury exalted in Virgo. Their convergence brings mental acuity to new heights and encourages eloquence.

Wear this talisman to bring the rational mind into alignment with intuition. It's particularly supportive of artists, educators, public speakers, and anyone who needs to think fast.

Sterling Silver necklace adjustable from 19" to 20".

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