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Queen of the Night

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Series of 2

She is the dark matriarch of unspeakable beauty whose passion smoulders like molten metal.  Her songs of lamentation and vengeance shake the earth and rend the skies with lightning.  Even more formidable than the power of her will is that of her masterful mind.

Rich, red garnet is renowned as a stone of manifestation.  It reinforces conviction and moves material reality into alignment with one’s desire. At once grounding and stimulating, it empowers the root chakra and raises kundalini energy.  It enlivens primal force and offers staunch support against malaise.  Black tourmaline is renowned across many cultures for its power to safeguard both its bearer and the surrounding environment.  It repels negativity from others as well as from within one’s self.

Queen of the Night is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the Grand Air Trine of Mars in Libra, Venus in Gemini and the moon in Aquarius.  It is a unique celestial event that avails itself to shrewdness and strategic acumen.

This talisman is a mighty ally when worn in a battle of wits.  It assists its bearer in out-thinking the opponent and staying ahead of the game.  It opens one's mind to methods and maneuvers that would otherwise be unseen.

17.75" Gold-filled chain

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