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series of 2

The power to deflect ill-will, dispel negativity, to sustain healthy energy. It guards against discouragement and intimidation to propel you, undaunted, toward your chosen goal.

Hematite clears the energies of the physical body and draws out impurities. It allays fatigue and maintains a steady current of strength. Red jasper grounds and stabilizes the emotions. It anchors the power of instinct, intuition, and ingenuity so that they may be utilized together to optimum effect.

Resilience is handcrafted and charged as the Leo moon trines Mars in Sagittarius. Their harmonious connection invokes unshakable courage and fortitude.

This talisman offers excellent protection from fear, manipulation, and dejection. It repels any attempts to dissuade or distract you from acting in alignment with your own best interests.

7.75" Sterling silver bracelet

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