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Samantha Necklace

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Series of 2

Turquoise is a sacred stone of friendship and equality. It vibrates at the frequency of mutual respect, open communication, and the ardent pursuit of understanding. It opens the path between the heart and throat chakras, allowing emotion and intellect to work together. A 15.25 carat topaz in an exquisite shade of Tiffany blue imparts clarity, dispels delusion, and reveals truth. It is renowned as a powerful curse breaker, banishing negativity and shielding against deceit. Freshwater pearl is an allegory of loving kindness. It supports the very deepest, soul-level healing and nourishes the living seed of renewed joy.

Wear this talisman to bring good people into your life, nurture healthy relationships, and ensure honesty. It assists in making an excellent first impression and reaching a state of mutual trust.

Sterling Silver necklace adjustable from 21" to 22"

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