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Sinister Mist

Sinister Mist

  • 1995

An inscrutable fog rolls in, blurring the lines and muting the colors. The lamplight is born aloft on a million miniscule droplets. It is the liminal space: the nexus of the Known and the Unknown, where Witches weave reality.
Young teakwood, fresh cut leaves of eucalyptus and spearmint, a scant twist of lime, copal smoke clinging to cashmere, dry white vanilla, and chilled crepuscular musk. Anoint your hands in preparation for spellcraft. Wear to bed for support in lucid dreaming.

Available in 5 ml bottle or 1 ml sample vial.

This is an Archive scent.  We are not planning any more reblends this year, just selling out remaining poured bottles/vials.

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