Sparks – Nui Cobalt Designs


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One of a kind

These talismanic adornments gleam with good cheer and the benevolent spirit of the season. Like firelight reflected in smiling eyes, they impart warm feelings and goodwill to all.

Yellow sapphire briolettes are suspended in exquisite clusters. They elevate the mood and nurture a perspective of optimism. In Vedic Astrology, they are sacred to Jupiter, the Greater Benefic and patron of magnanimity. Delicate spheres of carnelian glow with inner vitality. They reinforce joy and align the physical and emotional bodies for sustained well-being.

Sparks are handcrafted and charged upon Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius. Under his auspices, the mind is alight with wonder and enthusiasm.

These talismans impart bright joviality to their bearer and to all within their milieu. They have a particular penchant for gracious hosts and founders of feasts.

Sterling Silver french wire for pierced ears