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The Empress

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1 of a kind

This talisman is named for the Tarot's divinatory image of wild and unbridled fecundity.  It heralds the emergence of new life and bountiful earthly reward.  As the great feminine archetype, she embodies the whole of the manifested Universe and its limitless creative potential.

Citrine sparkles with confidence and clarity.  It is an uplifting stone that ignites the solar plexus chakra, accesses the whole of one’s truth and aligns fact with possibility.  Peridot clears away any resentment, emotional fatigue or cynicism that may inhibit the flow of abundance.  It supports a lighthearted and open demeanor, fostering warmth and receptivity.  Opal is among the most powerful stones to facilitate magickal practice.  It's dynamic nature is revealed in the flashes of radiant color that appear with the changes of light.

The Empress is handcrafted and charged as the moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces.  Their union aligns the highest reaches of the spiritual plane with the lunar gateway to manifested reality.

This talisman may be worn to summon the energies of affluence, love, joy and vitality.  It brings the flow of creation into harmony with one's needs and sees to their ample fulfillment.

19.5" Sterling silver chain

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