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The High Priestess

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This talisman is named for the Tarot's divinatory image of eternal mystery and the gateway to wisdom.  Hers is the raw energy of creation, the breath of life that culminates in matter and retreats once more into non-being.  She is the electricity that arcs between the pillars of mercy and severity.

Neon blue apatite stirs the imagination and opens one's consciousness to the flow of inspiration.  It imparts a smooth, fluid quality to thought, speech and writing.   White freshwater pearl emits a peaceful vibration and holds the space for holistic understanding to ensure communications are well received.  Rainbow moonstone, with its blue iridescence, enhances natural intuition.  It forges a direct connection between primal instinct and refined intelligence.  Labradorite also exhibits iridescence, indicating a natural synergy with moonstone.  It serves to relieve anxiety and restore a steady, sustained sense of calm.  Water-clear opal is among the most powerful stones to facilitate magickal practice and artistry.  It's dynamic nature is revealed in the flashes of radiant color in the changing light.  A blue topaz briolette imparts clarity, dispels delusion and reveals hidden truth.  Clear quartz unifies these energies and focuses their holistic intention according to the bearer’s specific needs.

The High Priestess is handcrafted and charged as the moon conjoins newly direct Mercury in Aquarius.  Their union amplifies all cerebral power and is most conducive in accessing The Muse.

This talisman may be worn while engaged in creative, journalistic or academic writing.  It is also most helpful in the practices of channeling, mediumship and divination.

17.5" Sterling silver chain

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