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The Ice Palace

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This talisman holds the crystalline grace of the first snowfall.  Its soothing silence and clarity bring calm lucidity and centeredness.

Blue topaz imparts clarity, dispels delusion and reveals hidden truth.  It is renowned as a powerful “curse breaker,” banishing negativity and shielding the bearer from enchantment or deceit.  Aquamarine rondelles emit a radiance of pure, unconditional love.  It improves communication in all respects, inspiring both honesty and eloquence, ensuring that each participant is heard, acknowledged and respected.  Rainbow moonstone, with its blue iridescence, enhances one’s natural powers of intuition.  It forges a direct connection between primal instinct and refined intelligence.

Ice Palace is handcrafted and charged as Venus conjoins Saturn in Scorpio.  Their union confers transparency, stability and definition in our closest relationships.

Wear this talisman to support healthy boundaries and compassionate communication with those you most dearly love.  Its "cooling" effect keeps tempers from flaring as you work through sensitive matters.

16.5" Sterling Silver necklace

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