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The Nutcracker - 2023 Discovery Set

The Nutcracker - 2023 Discovery Set

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A sample set of our 5 new Nutcracker scents for 2023.

~ Clockwork Dolls ~
A quirky contraption for lining things up and getting well organized.
Top notes of yellow mandarin and fresh rosemary, a heart of sandalwood incense, and a base of bronze musk, black amber, and Sumatran benzoin.
Wear to achieve the speed and efficiency of a well-oiled machine.

~ Land of Sweets ~
An ebullient confection to attract life's luxuries.
Sugared rose petals, blue cotton candy, miniature marshmallows, pistachio ice cream, and a drizzle of white chocolate.
Wear to expand and increase your wealth to afford you not only what you need, but also what you desire.

~ The Snow Queen ~
An austere enchantment for grace, diplomacy, and poise.
Citrus sorbet, bulgarian lavender, white amber, cardamom, and honeyed rice milk.
Wear to enliven your mind and empower your words during important conversations.

~ Mother Ginger ~
A robust array to stir the senses.
Freshly baked spice cake dotted with turkish apricots, pistachios, and candied ginger, served with strong black tea, and a single drop of honey.
Wear for a gentle wake-up and sustained focus.
* contains cinnamon; please avoid if sensitive

~ Dance of the Mirlitons ~
A dainty melange for clarity and calm.
Top notes of Persian lime and almond, a heart of violet, clary, and lily of the valley, and a smooth base of blue amber, styrax, and indigo musk.
Wear to restore perspective and inner peace.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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