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The Spider's Stratagem Earrings

  • 16000

Focused, efficient, and artful is the arachnid's hunt. Every strand of her intricate tapestry is as fine as moonlight and stronger than steel. Her instinct guides her flawlessly to fulfill her every need and defend her territory.

Black jasper shields against curses or psychic attacks. It strengthens its bearer physically as well as mentally to repel negative intent. Garnet is a stone of manifestation. It reinforces conviction and moves material reality into alignment with one’s desire. At once grounding and stimulating, it empowers the root chakra and raises kundalini energy. Amethyst engages the wisdom of the Higher Self. It sends healing energy directly where it’s needed and instills a sense of peaceful confidence.

The Spider's Stratagem is handcrafted from stones charged as Mars enters his exaltation in Capricorn. Here, the Celestial Warrior is at his most wise, patient, and disciplined. He harnesses power and channels it with precision.

This talisman is an indispensable ally in all professional and legal matters. It assists in developing a greater sense of personal authority, mastery of your skills, and in cultivating well-grounded competence.

Sterling Silver french wire earrings

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