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The Sun

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This talisman is named for the Tarot's divinatory image of triumph over darkness and the alchemical purification of the spirit.  The card heralds great fortune for the querent.  It illustrates soul-level healing and the successful culmination of a great undertaking.

Faceted beads of natural ruby are suspended in a graceful progression from pale rose to deepest crimson.  They exude primal force to ignite the sacral chakra, strengthen the will and sharpen the instincts.  In Vedic astrology, this stone is sacred to the sun as it awakens its bearer’s natural assertion and authentic self-expression.  It calls upon one’s deepest source of power to banish all timidity, reticence and malaise.

The Sun is handcrafted and charged as the sun in Pisces trines retrograde Saturn in Scorpio.  These auspices are uniquely supportive of karmic release, the dissolving of self-limitation and the restoration of faith in one's self.

This talisman may be worn to facilitate the process of emotional healing.  It nourishes the whole being with renewed courage and clarity.  It also guards against the ill effects of past pain so that nothing may encumber the joy of the present.

17.5" Sterling silver chain

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