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Tiger Eye Necklace

Tiger Eye Necklace

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 Tiger Eye is an empowering stone, supportive of creativity, courage, dignity, and authentic self-expression. It is a powerful ally for people who struggle with shyness or social anxiety.

Handcrafted wire-wrapped pendant on macrame black hemp.

Jeff Ragan is a multidisciplinary artist, naturalist, traveler, explorer, and accomplished outdoorsman. Every molecule of his work is inspired by his philosophy of sharing, simplicity, and generosity, as well as his passionate connection with the natural world. He rarely purchases anything for his jewelry, preferring to trade for components and/or find the gemstones and other natural objects he showcases in his work. He patiently seeks out colorful agates and geodes on the beaches of Oregon, delicate sea glass and shells on the coast of Washington, serpentine and obsidian in the forests of Northern California, and purple amethysts in the hills of North Carolina. Beach combing with him is an amazing experience: while the rest of us see only a sea of ordinary grey rocks, Jeff will somehow find the prettiest, most delicate piece of shining green sea glass.
All stones are real. Everything is 100% handmade and one of a kind. All work is guaranteed by the artist.
Nature. Beauty. Freedom.

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