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Triple Goddess

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One of a Kind

The first glowing edge pierces a fathomless darkness, her luminescent curve suspended in the sky.  Slowly she reveals a celestial pearl of inimitable grace, drawing the very oceans toward her.  Then, the veil of sagacity enfolds her until only her well-honed sickle can be seen.

Rings of sterling silver accompany an incandescent mother-of-pearl disc, resonant with the energies of the Moon.  They strengthen intuition, support all levels of healing and assist beautifully in works of lunar magick.  The chain is adorned with glistening rondelles of goshenite,  a colorless beryl that repels negativity.  It dissolves self-doubt and maintains the channel for clear, accurate divination.  A superb quartz briolette completes the talisman, bringing the whole into synergy and resolution.  It amplifies and conveys it's bearer's intentions into swift manifestation.

Triple Goddess is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the New Moon in her domicile of Cancer.  Only once in each year, the simultaneous beginning and end of Luna's eternal cycle occurs within her own sacred domain.  It is a moment brimming with the raw substance of limitless possibility.

This talisman is a superlative companion in any magickal working.  It creates a blank slate from which anything can be conjured, regardless of what has gone before.  It is particularly effective in rituals of healing, protection and in banishing adverse conditions.

18.25" Sterling Silver chain

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