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Valentines 2022 - Sample Set

Valentines 2022 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our 7 new Valentines 2022 scents:

~ Kosmemophilia: the Love of Jewels ~
The glint of precious ruby, amethyst, and emerald enthroned in an antique mahogany chest.
Purple plums, heliotrope blooms, aged Baltic amber, golden musk, deep mahogany wood, and a splash of Grand Marnier.
Wear to attract opulent wealth and luxury.

~ Hybristophilia: the Love of Crime ~
This is the scent that the Devil's personal stylist would conjure.
Ebon cashmere, guaiac wood, storax, myrrh, syrupy vanilla pipe tobacco, a whisper of grey suede, and a trace of green lavender.
Wear when you want to be led into temptation.

~ Ophidiophilia: the Love of Snakes ~
An elegant predator slithers through shifting sands and tastes the desert wind.
Pink sandalwood, Saharan musk, copaiba balsam, shea butter, dried fig, pale patchouli, and soft tawny suede.
Wear for perfect timing, to strike swiftly and seize opportunity.

~ Equinophilia: the Love of Horses ~
A magnificent creature of effortless grace and power.
Toasted oats, green and golden hay, living cedar, deep auburn musk, chestnuts, corn silk, saddle leather, and galbanum.
Wear to invoke your own sense of majesty, and to reclaim your poise and dignity.

~ Mnemophilia: the Love of Memory ~
Old chests filled with sepia photographs, a veil of chantilly lace, the brittle pages of a diary, and the patina of relentless time.
Stately gardenia, antique sandalwood, Florentine iris, pearl musk, jasmine absolute, neroli, and liquidambar.
Wear to connect with ancestral guides, to access genetic memory, and to retrieve what's been forgotten.

~ Thalassophilia: Love of the Ocean ~
Sunlight on the crystal waves. Sea glass studs the golden coastline.
Fresh basil, ambergris accord, moringa, salt mist, vetiver, azure musk, summer spruce, cucumber water, and petitgrain.
Wear to purify, cleanse, and replenish your energy.

~ Somniphilia: the Love of Sleep ~
Puffy white pillows that always stay cool.
Lamb's wool accord, orange blossom, barely-budding lavender, melissa, green fig, clary, cloud musk, and weightless vanilla marshmallow meringue.
Wear at bedtime for restful and restorative sleep.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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