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Victory Protection Uncrossing - Mini Gift Set

Victory Protection Uncrossing - Mini Gift Set

  • 1000

Protection Mini - This candle absorbs negativity, repels all forms of malefaction, from thoughtless slights, to jealousy, to deliberate acts of aggression. It alerts you to unseen perils before they can turn into problems.

Victory Mini - This triumphant candle amplifies acumen, cultivates courage, and redoubles diligence. It moves conditions into optimal alignment for the attainment of your goals. Light at the start of ambitious endeavors and to meet challenges with your best foot forward.

Uncrossing Mini - This all-purpose purification candle is true to the traditional New Orleans formula. It instantly banishes unwanted energies, neutralizes negativity, and clears away discordant vibrations. It can also clear the energy of stones, crystals, talismans, and ritual tools.


As with all handmade natural beeswax candles, they may have slight variations in size.