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Whirlwind Necklace

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An ode to Oya, wielder of lightning and Mistress of the Marketplace.

Amethyst engages the wisdom of the Higher Self. It sends healing energy directly where it’s needed and instills lasting confidence. Garnet is renowned as a stone of manifestation. It reinforces conviction and moves material reality into alignment with one’s desire. At once grounding and stimulating, it empowers the root chakra, and offers staunch support against malaise. Carnelian is physically and emotionally restorative. It replenishes vitality, supports healthy sexuality, and ignites motivation. It assists with overcoming anxiety and encourages trust in one's instincts. Citrine ignites the solar plexus chakra and facilitates authentic self-expression. It sparkles with confidence and clarity, availing itself to optimal success.

Wear this talisman to inspire laughter, optimism, strength, and resolve. It banishes fear, highlights your talents and amplifies your power.

gold-filled necklace adjustable from 18.75" to 19.75" 

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