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White Sage

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one of a kind

Honored around the world for its power to restore serenity and inspire levity, white sage is a timeless symbol of clarity, wisdom, and equilibrium.

Prehnite evokes feelings of tranquility, reminding its bearer that all is truly well. It brings peace of mind and balance to relationships, ensuring that they are respectful and healthy. Green freshwater pearl is an allegory of loving kindness. It supports the very deepest, soul-level healing and nourishes the living seed of renewed joy. It is nurturing, protective and soothing to the heart.

White Sage is handcrafted and charged as the Taurus moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Their serene connection invokes placid energy and deeply-rooted calm.

Wear this talisman for regular energy maintenance and to dissolve feelings of anxiety. It can be directed to ease interpersonal tensions and assist in improving relationships.

Sterling silver, double-strand bracelet, adjustable from 8" to 9"

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