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Witches' Utility  '21 - Sample Set

Witches' Utility '21 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our seven new Witches' Utility 2021 scents:

~ Meditation ~
Precious woods and resins converge in a sacred incense to quiet the mind and elevate the spirit. Smoldering frankincense and myrrh, copal, nag champa, white sandalwood, golden amber, a trace of Buddha wood and a wisp of oudh. Wear to bring your consciousness into alignment with your will. It facilitates focus and tranquil clarity.

~ Home Blessing ~
A soft and soothing blend to inspire joyful accord and peace within the home. Languid jasmine, green coconut water, orris root, sweet shea butter, and a gentle touch of Bulgarian lavender. Wear to carry feelings of comfort, safety, and loving kindness wherever you go.

~ Manifestation ~
A potion for bringing clear intentions into physical form. Black walnut, pomegranate preserves, clove bud, coriander, black tea, and oudh. Wear to crystallize your vision, and bring ideas into material reality.

~ Astral Plane ~
A blend for pathworking, dream walking, and weaving the liminal. Fresh white lilac, vintage orris powder, neroli, and tender green wood. Wear at bedtime for lucid dreams and prophetic visions.

~ Sacred Space ~
The essence of Yin: receptivity, openness, pure potential. A misty, moss-covered glen, a simple wooden pagoda, steam from a cup of black tea, a tendril of incense smoke. Wear to evoke stillness and silence, to cultivate deep peace.

~ Hex Breaker ~
Banish bad luck, malefaction, and ill will with this powerful purification oil. Fresh lemon, angelica root, eucalyptus, dill, and sage are brightened by blackberry and grounded in dark patchouli, pipe tobacco, and vetiver. *This scent was originally crafted for soy candles and bath spells featured in our Samhain Crone’s Crate.

~ God of Thunder ~
A potion for summoning those jovial entities who wield the lightning and triumph over obstacles. It invokes their boundless might to propel you past all restrictions, toward a brighter horizon. A galvanic blend of antique oak, sandalwood, Himalayan cedar, and green fig infused with precious saffron and Grains of Paradise. Wear for good fortune during bold moves and big changes.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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