* Yule - 2022 Discovery Set – Nui Cobalt Designs
* Yule - 2022 Discovery Set

* Yule - 2022 Discovery Set

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A sample set of our 4 new Yule scents for 2022:

~ Blues Buster ~
A mighty ally against Winter doldrums.
Sun-warmed honeycomb, red nasturtium, dark and light amber, orange peel, lemon balm, melted shea butter, ylang, and non-indolic pink jasmine.
Wear for emotional support and year-round mood management.

~ Winter Warmth ~
A cozy potion for comfort and soothing.
Earl Grey Tea with brown sugar and oat milk, sprinkles of nutmeg, ginger root, and allspice with the gentle smolder of cedarwood and mahogany.
Wear when you need some extra grounding and stability.

~ Twinkling Fairy Lights ~
A dynamic variation on our Winter favorite to invoke the spirit of the season.
Golden copal and lemon sugar soften into classic cathedral incense and fluffy whipped honey, then nestle into dry vanilla bean and smooth white amber.
Wear to turn heads and inspire admiration.

~ Ultraviolet Fairy Lights ~
A sophisticated twist on our Winter favorite to invoke the season’s enchantment.
Imperial iris and sugared violet soften into tonka butter, honey, and liatrix, then nestle into Dominican blue amber.
Wear to escape the routine and gain a fresh perspective.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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