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Yule Pomander

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This talismanic ornament is Comfort and Joy for your home.  It carries the energy of abundance, generosity and gratitude.  The spirit of giving is ignited by the bright blessings that we ourselves receive.

The zest of orange lifts the spirits and inspires good cheer.  It is complemented by fiery clove in a traditional winter pairing for purification and fortune.  Wormwood, with its silvery green fronds, is extolled across cultures for warding off baleful influence. It steers the family out of harm’s way and aids in avoiding accidents.  Cinnamon has long been celebrated for its “magnetic” properties. It attracts an ample and sustainable stream of wealth.  It banishes fatigue, supports vitality and bestows healthful vigor, even when we are at our weariest.

Yule Pomander is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the Gemini moon's sextile to Jupiter in Leo.  Their celestial energies mingle with effervescent cheer.

Hang this talisman in the home to lift your spirits and remind you that all is truly well.  It is helpful in calling forth Guides and Guardians to ensure safety and well-being for all who dwell within.

Glass ornament, approx. 3" diameter.

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