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Seeking sweetness and dancing on dewdrops, this harbinger of springtime is a symbol of limitless power in the smallest of creatures. I made this talisman to honor the mighty Mom who shares her wisdom by allowing me to witness her nurturing and protecting her newborns.

Citrine sparkles with confidence and clarity. It is an uplifting stone that ignites the solar plexus chakra, and accesses the whole of one’s truth. Peridot clears away resentment, fatigue and cynicism. It supports a lighthearted and open demeanor, fostering warmth and receptivity. Opal is among the most powerful stones to facilitate magickal practice. Its dynamic nature is revealed in the flashes of radiant color within. Carnelian smolders with vigor and strength. It aligns the physical and emotional bodies for sustained well-being. It supports healthy sexuality, and ignites motivation. It dissolves anxiety and encourages trust in one's instincts. Amazonite is cooling, soothing and imparts a sense of tranquility. It dispels social anxiety and helps you to feel receptive and at ease with all people.

Hummingbird is handcrafted and charged under the potent power of the Full Moon in Scorpio. This moment is ripe for magick and for plumbing the darkest depths of the psyche to find power, therein.

Wear this talisman to penetrate deeper into the primal center of desire, find the core of what drives you, and harness that formidable energy. It is particularly helpful in bolstering courage when you're feeling "too small" for the task at hand.

Sterling silver double-stranded bracelet, adjustable from 8" to 9"

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