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Fierce protectress and mighty queen of the pride, she moves with unparalleled grace. She's a force of nature, a symbol of strength reigning over the golden savanna.

Mother-of-pearl shines with primal lunar energy. It strengthens intuition, steadies the emotions, and supports the deepest levels of healing. Peach pearl is protective and nurturing. It provides reassurance and frees one to act according to ones own true will.

Lioness is handcrafted and charged under the Leo moon trine to the exalted sun in Aries. Their supportive connection brings sustained energy and confidence.

Wear this talisman when you need to feel strong. It stimulates courage and conviction even in the most daunting circumstances. It's particularly adept at navigating you smoothly through encounters with intimidating people, and letting you shine brightly.

Gold-filled necklace, adjustable from 20" to 21"

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