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"True worth is in being, not seeming,-
In doing, each day that goes by,
Some little good-not in dreaming
Of great things to do by and by.
For whatever men say in their blindness,
And spite of the fancies of youth,
There’s nothing so kingly as kindness,
And nothing so royal as truth.
‘Tis not in the pages of story
The heart of its ills to begulie,
Though he who makes courtship to glory
Gives all that he hath for her smile.
For when from her heights he has won her,
Alas it is only to prove
That nothing’s so sacred as honor,
And nothing so loyal as love!
And slight is the sting of his trouble
Whose winnings are less than his worth;
For he who is honest and noble,
Whatever his fortunes or birth."
     from "Nobility"
     by Alice Cary

Garnet is renowned as a stone of manifestation. It reinforces conviction and moves material reality into alignment with one’s desire. At once grounding and stimulating, garnet empowers the root chakra and raises kundalini energy. It enlivens primal force and offers staunch support against malaise.

Nobility is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the exalted Taurean moon trine to retrograde Jupiter in Virgo. Their gentle connection facilitates manifestation and allows for the deeper rooting of wisdom.

Wear this talisman to maintain a calm and benevolent energy when dealing with difficult people. It assists in identifying points of agreement and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Sterling silver bracelet, adjustable from 7.5" to 8.5"

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